Who We Are

A network of Ministers, united by the desire to do more for the kingdom, trained, equipped and sent forth to make impact and transform lives through strategic outreaches and evangelism.

What We Do

First and foremost, we would hold your hands as a fellow minister. We would pray with you, study with you, encourage you and inspire you further to do the works of the ministry. We would show you God-breathed and time-tested strategies that are guaranteed to give you results – more souls.

How It Works​

REON International functions under the grace and anointing that is upon the man of God, Reverend Chris Oyakhilome DSC. DSC. DD. By signing up to join and working together with us, you take advantage of this grace and anointing for your ministry. In REON, every minister is equipped using the abundant resources by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, chief amongst them is the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional; available in over 7,800 languages, with countless life transforming testimonies from around the world.

They are Ministers, men and women influencing their world through the use of Rhapsody of Realities and other Materials by Pastor Chris, as evangelical tools for the Christianization of their world through outreaches.  They are committed to acquainting other ministers with these materials so they can also experience exponential growth in ministry and expand their scope of influence through these outreaches. These ministers have also registered on the REON website to be bonafide members of REON

A REON TEAM Head is a member of the network who has enlisted at least 30 other members – ministers or individuals through the network’s website or registration/sign-up platform. At least 20 of them should have executed an outreach a quarter. A team head ought to have executed at least 80 outreaches within a year.

A city Head has at least 20 ministers who have introduced at least 2 other ministers in their city and should have executed at least 40 outreaches a quarter or160 outreaches a year

Has at least, one minister to impact other ministers in every state or province. If this Head has at least 20 ministers (Team Heads) strategically positioned, but not in all provinces or states where he or she is located, He would be referred to as, CHIT…COUNTRY HEAD IN TRAINING. A Country Team Head must have at least executed 400 Outreaches a quarter or 1,600 outreaches a year.

REON Regional Head has, at least one minister(Team Head) in all the countries in his/ her regional catchment (At least 30 ministers strategically positioned) who must have executed at least 600 outreaches a quarter or 2,400 outreaches a year

An Outreach in this regard is the use of 100 copies of Rhapsody of Realities for the purpose of soul-winning either as an individual or as a team

Who Can Join

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